Tungsten Alloy X-ray Target

Tungsten alloy X-ray target can be subjected to higher loadings than stationary anodes. By rotation of dish-shaped X-ray targets under the electron beam, a new, already cooled part of the target surface is continually used as the focal spot. Moreover, tungsten alloy X-ray target cools down more rapidly by radiating its heat. Far more energy per unit time can therefore be supplied to a tube with an X-ray target in comparison with a stationary anode.

Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co. Ltd  can supply the whole range of Mo alloys and tungsten X-ray targets. Tungsten alloy X-ray targets that are optimally suitable for individual customer requirements, such as mammography Mo X-ray targets and tungsten X-ray targets, which are used from the general medical diagnostic and amigo- cardiograph to computer tomography.

In the past two decades, Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co. Ltd  has been developing components for the latest generation of high performance medical devices in close cooperation with the leading medical instruments suppliers.

For diagnosis, Guangxi Chentian Metal Products Co. Ltd  supplys tungsten alloy X-ray target and stationary anodes for diverse X-ray applications. Tungsten alloy X-ray target can withstand extreme thermal stress in temperatures of over 2,000℃. All tungsten products are superior quality and durable, guaranteeing longer life.

Electromagnetic blasting is created by the slowing fast electrons down on the anode. 1% of the affected energy is transformed into tungsten alloy X-ray blasting and 99% into heat. Because of that, components within the X-ray should have high thermal resistance and applied material should possess a highest possible melting point, heat sink capacity, good heat conductivity and a smallest possible vapor pressure.

Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co. Ltd  produces tungsten alloy X-ray target components, made of high performance materials (molybdenum, tungsten, WRe alloys), for the assembly of tungsten alloy target technology, which are used worldwide for picture giving systems.

Contact us today at http://www.heavytungstenalloy.com or call us on +8613215340999

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