Tungsten Alloy Weight for RV-8 Airplane

What Is Tungsten Alloy Weight?

Tungsten alloy material is widely used for counterweight, working as so-called tungsten alloy weight in many fields, such as in racing car, yacht, airplane, etc. As we know, the density for tungsten alloy could be ranged from 17.0g/cm3 to 18.5g/cm3, and the capacity could be reduced if it needs to be use in a small place. Besides, as its special properties, such as high hardness, wearing résistance, excellent elongation, well machining ability, it is a suitable material for counterweight for airplane.
Why Use Tungsten Alloy Weight for RV-8 Airplane

Right now tungsten alloy weight is a very important par for RV-8 airplane. After RV-8 airplane fly overhead, the air flow in the periodic driving force to do a forced vibration, shaking the wings more powerful, driving force airflow explains the natural cycle period and states it is very close to or equal to the wing leading edge of the wing, which means weight bars. The object is to be achieved by changing the mass of the wing to change its natural frequency, the difference between the frequency of the driving force and the natural frequency is big, so as to achieve the purpose of damping. In this case, RV-8 airplane could control its stability well by the center of gravity varied within a certain range without loss of control. The center of gravity of RV-8 airplane can be varied within a certain range without loss of control. If you change the center of gravity exceeds this limit, you can not keep RV-8 airplane stable, and the situation appears stall.
Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. could offer Tungsten Alloy Weight for RV-8 Airplane

Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. could offer tungsten alloy weight, counterweight and ballast as per clients’ requirement. Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. has its own design, and also Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd. could offer and manufacture the weight as per client’s drawing or design the drawing and mould as per client’s photo.
Ever more rapid long-distance transport of passengers and goods with a concurrent reduction of fuel consumption and emission of pollutants is one of the main demands of today’s aerospace industry. Tungsten alloy aerospace counterweight and tungsten alloy aerospace balance made of Tungsten Alloy high performance materials are key elements for future generations of civil supersonic and wide-bodied airplanes, hypersonic aircraft and high performance planes. High-temperature materials facilitate pioneering innovations in the area of propulsion systems, such as aircraft turbines and rocket propulsion, as well as hot outer skin structures of hypersonic aircraft.

Increasing the gas inlet temperature in gas turbines significantly contributes to more energy efficiency in aerospace. Materials have to meet high demands such as hot-gas corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, high creep resistance and superior fatigue properties.

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